A blank piece of paper. A blank document on your computer. Is it daunting? Inspiring? Scary?

We write. Words flow or stutter. Sentences are created, amended, deleted. Phrases are pondered. Paragraphs are discarded. We polish and rewrite. Finally our work is finished. Our inner critic clamours. Is it any good? Have we managed to communicate the thoughts that were caged in our heads? Will anyone want to read it? Is it worthy of publication?

Now what? Where do we go from here?

Other writers can be very helpful. Their thoughts, opinions and experience can assist us in achieving our goals. Join a group of writers who meet regularly. They'll provide feedback, suggestions, and ideas in a supportive, non-threatening environment. Many groups agree on a piece of work to be written in time for the next meeting, using an opening sentence, topic or idea as an inspiration starter. Having something ready for that next meeting creates a deadline, ensuring that we give our writing some form of priority. Try different groups until you find one that suits you. Alternatively, you could start your own, using the local library meeting room.

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